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Murphy's Cesspool & Septicis a licensed and insured Environmental Servicecompany that has grown to a successful business for three key reasons: Honesty, Professionalism, & Superior Service. What separates us from our competitors is that we aim to focus on quality service and customer satisfaction while building a “one to one” personal relationship with each of our clients. 

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Environmental services are necessary after an area has become contaminated due to elevated levels that are beyond State or County permissible limits. State and county permissible limits can differ. For example, The New York States permissible limits for certain levels of chemicals are the standard unless you reside in a county that has more stringent standards than that of the States. The Counties permissible level supersedes New York States standards. Typically, Murphy's Cesspool &am…

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Murphy's Septic Tank Installations Septic Systems sometimes utilize cesspools ( overflows , leaching pools ) in their design. Other alternative drainage system components may include leaching fields or a sump system with leaching ponds to supplement cesspools. A Septic Tank would be the primary component in the treatment process, where solids sludge and water are separated. Using baffle walls and or tees to aid in separation. Then allowing for the wastewater ( blackwater or effluent ) to drain via a pipe to an overflow pool (leaching pool , cesspool). Septic tanks have solid bottoms and are designed to capture solid material similar to a grease interceptor in design and function. Septic tanks vary in size from a household septic systemall the way up to larger commercial septic systems. In a septic tank bacteria helps breakdown those solids by digesting them and aiding in taking some burden off of routine maintenance. Septic systems need maintenance and that can't be circumvente…

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Locating and servicing your system! Pumping, aerating, and chemical treatment of your cesspool is essential to extending its lifespan. Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Service has qualified professional technicians that can diagnose, locate and service all types of drainage systems.

Cesspool Septic Tank Grease Trap Catch Basin Drywell Camera Inspections Sewer & Drain Environmental Professional Services

Preventative Cesspool MaintenanceManaging what is placed in your system is the first line of defense to maintain a cesspoolor septic system. Like the human digestive system, there is good bacteria that is necessary to break down solids and waste. When we place certain household chemicals in the system, we can harm a cesspool system as opposed to helping clear it.  Chemicals used in a home such as, ammonia or antibacterial cleansers will kill the good bacteria preventing a sewage system to break down solid matter. Diapers, paper towels, baby wipes, and paper towels are not d…

Maintaining A Cesspool System in Suffolk County

Maintaining A Cesspool SystemBelow are a few ways to maintain a cesspool. Each method listed has its pros and cons. Suffolk County has specific laws that must be followed, and Murphy’s Cesspool & Septic Service follows all protocols for not only Suffolk County, but all of Long Island Commercial and Residential locations.  AerationAeration is the chemical approach to cleaning a cesspool. It is completed by pouring sulfuric acid into the well or tank. The sulfuric acid breaks down both solid waste and sludge creating an air passage. Waste is then dissolved the same way you would clean the pipes of your home with a chemical agent. The negative effects of this method of maintenance is that it can harm your cesspool or septic system in the long run.  Hydro-JettingHydro-Jetting is illegal in Suffolk County without using the proper regulation precautions in each incorporated village. This should be the first thing to note when considering this approach. Now, the process involves high-pr…

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In some localities in the U.S., existing rural residential waste cesspools are "grandfathered" or allowed to continue operations until they no longer function. Once defunct, they must be disconnected and replaced by modern septic systems
In areas that have a higher than usual water table or fail a percolation test, an above-ground drain field waste disposal system may be installed instead.
In the case of sale or transfer of residential property that uses an existing waste cesspool system, local laws may differ. Some counties or jurisdictions do not permit the sale of residential property that utilizes a waste cesspool. Other counties or villages may recognize the "grandfather clause" and allow the propert…



Septic Tankinstallations are done by special appointment.Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Servicespecializes in septic problems such as overflows & flooding throughout the Suffolk County, Long Island Area. Other services include rain drains, catch basins, sewers, high pressure water jetting, vacuum truck services, & storm drains. Service contracts are available. Call orEmailMurphy's Cesspool & SepticNow!

A cesspool system or cesspools are underground leaching structures that were built and used for centuries now. A cesspool used to be the main component in the removal of wastewater (also known as blackwater. When cesspools are used as the main drainage component solids and sludge dump directly into the sand at the bottom of the cesspool system.


Sometimes when a poorly maintained cesspool is overwhelmed by a debris. The results can be catastrophic! Property damage is common. Loss of income due to re…