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Email: Phone 1:  631.758.4171 Phone 2:  631.476.5484 Fax:  631.475.2898 269 Orchard Road Patchogue, New York, 11772 Septic Cleaning Methods There are three basic ways to clean out your septic system, each with their own advantages and drawbacks. Be sure to check your local and state laws before attempting to empty the cesspool by yourself. Aeration A chemical alternative for cleaning out the cesspool, aeration involves pouring sulfuric acid into the well or tank. The acid breaks down the solid waste and sludge, allowing air to pass through. As a result, the waste is dissolved without extensive pumping. The downside to this method is that sulfuric acid is corrosive and may cause damage to your septic system if not used properly. Hydro-Jetting Another alternative method used in wells which may reduce or eliminate the need for pumping is to use hydro-jetting. A high-pressure blast forces water into the ground at the bottom of the cesspool, breaking up the solids. Thi

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Email: Phone 1:  631.758.4171 Phone 2:  631.476.5484 Fax:  631.475.2898 269 Orchard Road Patchogue, New York, 11772 Homeowner’s Guide to Cesspool Maintenance and Problems While urban homes tend to connect to a municipal sewer system , many country and older rural homes make use of a self-contained septic system for waste management . Unlike sewer systems, a septic system requires regular maintenance due to the way it handles your waste. This is costly when working through a waste management company, but you may potentially save money by maintaining the septic system yourself. Septic systems consist of two major components: a well or septic tank and a drain field. Updated systems use a septic tank instead of a well for improved efficiency, although some older homes still use wells. While essentially the same concept, there are some minor design differences which may lead to different issues. The Modern Septic Tank This large underground tank is directly connect

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Image SEWER MAINTENANCE TIPS PREVENTING SEWER LINE BACKUP AND OVERFLOW High on the list of experiences nobody wants to have is a sewer backup or overflow. Fortunately, this experience can usually be avoided by being aware of what causes backups and avoiding those causes, or contacting Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Services . The two primary causes of sewer backups and overflows are grease and roots throughout Nassau & Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. Not limited to the Long Island, NY  area, but everywhere, grease is the most frequent cause of sewer problems . If cooking grease or oil is poured down the drain or flushed down toilets, even when followed by hot water, it eventually cools down, congeals, builds up, and hardens, eventually forming a plug in both residential and commercial sewer lines. Over time, this situation creates backups and overflows. This unfortunate situation can be avoided if you: Never pour grease down sink drains or into toilets Scrape

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Image 1. Use A Sturdy Septic Tank Lid & Mark Off Its Location Your septic tank access port should be covered with a sturdy lid. To keep children safe, this cover should not be easily removed. If you are unsure of the placement of your septic system , a professional septic company can help you locate each part of your system and should be able to provide you with an "as-built" record drawing for future reference. We would be glad to help you schedule an inspection to locate your system. 2. Don’t Lean Over The Tank Opening Avoid leaning over the opening of a septic tank. The gases could be enough to knock you out and you could fall in, which may be fatal. 3. Do Not Ever Ignite Flames Near Septic Methane gas, which is produced by the contents of the septic tank , is explosive. Keep brush fires and even lit cigarettes away from the tank. 4. Be Aware of Electrical Wire Hazards When digging outside, make sure to watch out for buried electrical or mechanical lines. Break

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   Custom Vacuum Tanks Custom Vacuum Tanks  use carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum when being constructed.  Carbon steel tends to rust.  Stainless Steel resists rusting a lot, and aluminum oxidizes (rusts in a different process).  Aluminum tanks do have a weight advantage enabling modifications to be made in bigger capacities.   Vacuum Truck Tanks  can be measured in barrels (BBLS) or liquid Gallons.  The outside shell of the tank and the heads can vary in thickness depending on the client's specifications.  On the inside of the tank there are baffles.  Note: Smooth bore tanks have no baffles.  A baffled tank has 1 baffle or more.  Baffle components are essential in breaking water surge or gravitational shifts of kinetic energy that can potentially affect control of a vehicle when in motion.  Note:  New York has a lot of road traffic, so a tank with baffles is highly suggested as opposed to a smooth bore tank Customizing A Vactor Truck or Septic Truck 101 Coleman Vacuum Sys

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Commercial Cesspool Repair & Installations   Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Tank Installations A cesspool is also called an overflow or a leaching pool when it is used as secondary component in a septic system . A septic tank or another cesspool would be either of the main components in this kind of wastewater system. Solids and sludge are separated from the liquid waste. Allowing the liquid effluent to drain to an overflow cesspool or leaching pool. Where it drains into the sand at the bottom. Bacteria then helps breakdown those solids by digesting them and aiding in taking some burden off of routine maintenance. Septic systems need maintenance and can't be circumvented. Maintenance intervals can be lengthened with the use of bacteria and enzymes and other additives. Most importantly routine maintenance can prolong the life of your system, but only when performed by a reputable cesspool and septic company such as  Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Tank Service . Plea